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Tools to teach normalization

Are there any CASE tools that teach normalization of tables and also shown how the normalization happens?

I'm hoping that you've confused CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) with CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) or CBT (Computer Based Training). If you are looking for training on how to do Schema (Database) Normalization, there are a couple of packages that do this.

There was an excellent unit on Normalization in Microsoft's CBT for the MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) a few years ago. It is no longer being sold, but the content and the presentation was excellent.

Joe Celko has been threatening to release a book on database design issues for some time. We've discussed some great ideas that I suspect will make it into his book, and some of those ideas center on normalization problems and the disasters that can result!

There are also some good web links that provide information on Normalization at http://databases.about.com/cs/specificproducts/index_2.htm that might help.

I've had to make some big assumptions in this answer. If it doesn't address your question, feel free to visit the DBA Water Cooler or post a follow-up question that is more specific.

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