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Tools to help size tables

Is there a tool/book that will help me correctly size a table. I have information indicating the "projected growth"...

or number of records a particular table will have, but I'm not sure how to calculate the size the table needs to be. Thanks for your help.

There is some good table sizing information on Metalink if you have an account. There is a simple HTML form (found at http://www.suhas.com/tsize.html) that you could use to get started as well.

Books that I know of that have information on table sizing are "Oracle8i Administration and Management" by Michael Ault, "Oracle8i Tuning and Administration" by Heidi Thorpe and "Oracle8i DBA Handbook" by Kevin Loney and Marlene Theriault. I'm sure there are lots of others as well.

In general, to perform a quick estimate of table size, you need to know four pieces of information:

  2. PCTFREE for the table (how much room you want to leave for future updates, etc)
  3. Average row length
  4. Expected number of rows in the table

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This was last published in June 2002

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