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Tools for reverse engineering a database

Is there a tool or a script that can be used to generate Oracle database schema to reverse engineer the database? I would like to pre-create the tables, indexes, etc. before I import into production. I know you can do this by using indexfile in import utility, but this is too messy. I was wondering if there is any other way.

There are lots of tools on the market. Toad from Quest and Quest's new Knowledge Base tools (previously from RevealNet) will reverse engineer the database for you. And there are other tools as well like Oracle Designer, etc. So they are out there, but they will cost money.

If you are using Oracle 9i, then you can look at the DBMS_METADATA package. This package will reverse engineer any database object for you.

Another free avenue is the export file of the database. You've already mentioned the INDEXFILE option, but the SHOW option also works. Both are a little "messy" though.

And you can search the WWW for many, many scripts out there to do this as well.

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