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Tool for data migration from SQL Server to Oracle

I'm doing data migration from SQL Server 2000 to Oracle on Linux. Should I use SQL*Loader and Oracle Workbench or another tool?

I'm working on data migration from SQL Server 2000 to Oracle on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise). My question is should I use SQL*Loader and Oracle Workbench or pass through SQL Server 2005 in order to reach my aim or is there any easier tool to use?
Personally, I've never been comfortable with tools like the Oracle Migration Workbench for my migrations from one RDBMS platform to another. Every time I've used them, I have had to fix the many problems the tool introduced. Plus there is no tool that I know of which does a decent job of migrating T-SQL stored procedures, triggers, etc. to Oracle's PL/SQL. So I have always performed these types of migrations more manually. I do often use SQL Server's Data Transformation Services (DTS) through ODBC to move the data from SQL Server to Oracle. But I use this tool after I have already created my tables and indexes. Then I re-create my views, procedures, triggers and other database objects.

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