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Toggling between two servers

I have two Win2k servers, each with Oracle 8.1.7 Enterprise installed. One will be used as a backup server. I need to be able to toggle between both.

An example:
Server 1 crashes; we need to toggle to Server 2. Users that have been using Server 1 as their primary server will now need to start using Server 2 until the problem on Server 1 can identified and resolved. When the problem is resolved, users would toggle back to Server 1. Can you give me any guidance on how I could approach this situation?

Creating a Standby Database sounds like what you're wanting to do. A standby database is basically a replica of a primary database and is maintained by applying archived redo logs from the primary database to the standby database in order to keep them synchronized. If the primary database is lost (system crash, data corruption, etc), you can failover to the standby database. In this case, the standby database now becomes the primary database.

The only issue I see is that you said you want to be able to switch back to Server 1 after it has been recovered. The way a standby database works is that once it becomes the primary database, it stays the primary database. Basically, once you get your crashed server back up, you'd then make it the standby database and typically wouldn't attempt to "switch back."

Standby databases have a lot of requirements for creating and configuring. I'd suggest that you read the Oracle Standby Database Concepts and Administration guide to get all the details and to determine if this solution meets your needs.

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