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Time required for hot backup of 80GB database

How much time will it take to take a hot backup of an 80GB database?

How much time will it take to take a hot backup of an 80GB database?
The time it takes to back up your database depends on a number of factors. Are you backing up to tape or disk? Tape is slower than disk-based backups, which is why many DBAs back up to disk first and then offload the backup to tape later. Is there contention for disk resources? If others are using the database with a high disk I/O volume, then this can slow down your backup as the disk units will be satisfying user requests as well as performing your backup. Hot backups are typically taken during non-peak hours. The size of your database can impact your backup window. The larger your database, the longer it will take. In today's environments, 80GB is not a very large database, so this should not take too long to back up. I cannot say the exact time since there are many factors at play.

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