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Three leading ETL products a global organization should consider

In your opinion what are the three leading ETL products a global organization should consider for loading into an Oracle DB from multiple sources including; DB2 on 390, AS/400, Sybase on Unix, SQL Server on NT and Oracle on Unix? With the improvements in Oracle's warehouse builder how would it now compare with, say, Informatica?

There are many different vendors out in today's marketplace and limiting the discussion to three is quite the challenge. First I must say that my list will only include engine-based ETL solutions. Based on this assumption, I provide you a list of products that I have seen success with in building data warehouse solutions. You should however merge your needs and the individual features to select the product that is right for you.

Currently, I would have to say that Informatica, Ascential and possibly Oracle Warehouse Builder would be a good place to start your evaluation. All of these products work well with an Oracle data warehouse. All three will serve the purpose of populating data from different databases you have describes. However you will need to purchase these connections as add-ons to the base products. All three are good products, but you need to pilot them within your own environment so that you get the product that works for you. Informatica and Ascential are the most mature out of this group and I feel this is a distinct advantage over the Oracle product or other products like the Cognos DecisionStream products. I do like the fact that Oracle is building its software based on the Common Warehouse Metadata model. This allows for a standard exchange of metadata between products. This is a distinct advantage for this product, since one of the greatest challenges we face on our data warehouse projects is exchanging metadata with the many layers within the warehouse. Although not all vendors have adopted this standard, it is growing in popularity.

So take a look at the products you want to evaluate and then review the features and functionality of each.

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