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The v$process table explained

What exactly does the process stand for in the v$process table.

The following description of the v$process table comes from the Oracle Reference document:

This view contains information about the currently active processes. While the LATCHWAIT column indicates what latch a process is waiting for, the LATCHSPIN column indicates what latch a process is spinning on. On multi-processor machines, Oracle processes will spin on a latch before waiting on it.

The following list shows each column in v$process and what it contains.

ADDR        RAW(4)    Address of process state object
PID         NUMBER    Oracle process identifier
SPID        VARCHAR2  Operating system process identifier
USERNAME    VARCHAR2  Operating system process username.
SERIAL#     NUMBER    Process serial number
TERMINAL    VARCHAR2  Operating system terminal identifier
PROGRAM     VARCHAR2  Program in progress
BACKGROUND  VARCHAR2  1 for a background process; NULL for a normal process
LATCHWAIT   VARCHAR2  Address of latch the process is waiting for; NULL if
LATCHSPIN   VARCHAR2  Address of latch the process is being spun on; NULL if

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