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Testing production database recovery

I'm quite new to Oracle and I have a question regarding backup and recovery. I hear, from lots of sources, that you must test your backups regularly because you may not be able to recover due to some problems. I understand that I can practice recovering from different scenarios in my test system, but how can I test the recovery part on a production database? Wouldn't this infringe on the business?
Unless your business can schedule a time to do production testing of disaster recovery, then you'll have to be satisfied with testing your process on a test system. You should be able to take all your production backups and restore them to test without problem. If your business is not 24x7 or if you can somehow create a time (even if it's just once a year) to do a full-scale test on your production system, that is optimal. Otherwise, you're doing all you can by periodically running recovery scenarios on your test system.

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