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Temp segment not created in temp tablespace

I have a large table with a large index. Data is appended into it everyday using SQL*Loader via direct path. Data loading is fine, however, it always hits the ORA-1652 error and leaves the index unusable.

I have enough space in the TEMP tablespace, and it's also the temporary tablespace for the account. The ORA-1652 error said that it cannot extend a temp segment in my index tablespace.

I wonder why it creates temp segment in my index tablespace, but not in my temp tablespace.
When you create an index, or rebuild an index, the index is marked as a temporary segment in the beginning. Once the index has been created, or rebuilt, the temporary segment is changed into an index segment. You are getting this error because your index creation or rebuild does not have enough space in the tablespace you want to create the index in. It has nothing to do with temporary sorting space.

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