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Taking export for all schemas

An Oracle user asks what syntax to use when taking full export of a database without data and for all schemas.

I need to take full export of the database without data and for all schemas. Can you tell me if the below syntax is correct or not?

expdp system directory=DATA_PUMP dumpfile=FullDB1_Jan25_08.dmp job_name=test3 logfile=FullDB1_Jan25_08_EXPDP.log...


If I use the above syntax, I am not seeing all the schema names in log file during expdp as we see in exp option.

According to the Oracle docs, when using FULL=Y:

The following system schemas are not exported as part of a Full export because the metadata they contain is exported as part of other objects in the dump file set: SYS, ORDSYS, EXFSYS, MDSYS, DMSYS, CTXSYS, ORDPLUGINS, LBACSYS, XDB, SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA, DIP, DBSNMP, and WMSYS.

So you will not see every schema. But you should see the schemas in your database not in the above list.

This was last published in February 2008

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