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Taking a backup from a remote connection

I am using VB with Oracle 8i. How to take a backup using the IMP command through a program in a remote connection?

The imp utility is for importing, not export. To perform an export, and to be able to take a logical backup of your database, you will have to use the exp utility instead.

The exp utility is just like any other command line utility. I am not a VB programmer, but I do know that VB lets you make calls to OS command line utilities. Using the VB routines to call external programs, you can run a command similar to the following:

exp userid=system/manager@orcl file=exp.dmp full=y
This will perform an export of your entire (full) database. You will need the appropriate password for the SYSTEM account. The "@orcl" is a TNS entry to your remote database so you will have to configure your TNSNAMES.ORA config file to point to this database.

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