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System timing out writing to control file

Get advice on how to handle ORA-00600 errors.

We have run into a number of ORA-00600 errors that have brought our system down. The message says that it's timing out on writing to the control file. We upped a parameter from 900 to 1800 to give the system more time to update but no one seems to be able to zero in on the real problem. It's Oracle81 and it's a large data warehouse application. Any ideas on where we should be looking?

The ORA-600 errors are untrapped errors issued by the Oracle instance. In other words, the ORA-600 errors are a generic way of letting you know that there is a problem, but the database does not know what the problem is. On the same line as ORA-600, there will be additional information in brackets. The first code in brackets is the most important as it indicates what section of the Oracle kernel code tripped the ORA-600 error. Without this first parameter, it is hard to determine what the exact problem is. If you have access to MetaLink, type in "ORA 600 xxxx" where "xxxx" is that first parameter in brackets. It should help you figure out what the exact problem and resolution is. Barring that, you can try a Google search to see if others have posted this same error somewhere before. Finally, ORA-600 errors can really only be diagnosed by Oracle Support. So if the above does not solve your problem, open a TAR with Oracle Support.

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