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System freezing during data export

We have an Oracle 8.0.5 database, which was running on a Compaq Proliant Server model ML 350 with 1x600MZ processor, 512MB RAM, 4x9.1GB hard disk, configured in RAID 5 to give a logical drive capacity of 26GB in size. The server runs Unixware version 7.1.1. The backup method we use is Export/Import, which ran without problems for some time.

Recently, due to performance problems, we upgraded the above server to the following configuration:
2 x 866 MHZ processor (dual processor)
4 x 18.2GB HDD configured in RAID 5
1.5 GB RAM

And that is when our problem started. Occasionally, during the data export, the entire system freezes. Both Oracle and Unix will not accept any commands. The only option we are left with is to switch the system off and on. This has caused us data loss on two occasions in the past two weeks. We would appreciate any suggestion that can assist in the resolution of this problem.

This doesn't sound like an Oracle problem to me. From what you are telling me, the OS is freezing up. This, in turn, causes the database to freeze up as well. So this sounds like an OS issue, not a database one. And this can happen when you upgrade hardware. Many times, bad CPUs or bad memory boards can cause the system to freeze up. I suggest swapping out the hardware to see if this fixes your problem. If it does, then you know it was the hardware!

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