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Synchronizing primary and standby databases

I have a question regarding a standby database and data guard. We are on 24/7 operation, and we want to have a...

primary database and standby database. Is it possible that we have our primary database doing batch processing, while the standby database is open for users to do transactions and updates? How can we synchronize the primary database and standby database? Is there a way that we can apply the changes done in the standby database after batch processing on the primary database to make them synchronized?

A standby database, as it's name implies, is strictly for "standby" purposes. You cannot use both databases at the same time UNLESS you open the secondary in READ-ONLY mode. At that point you could use the standby for reporting purposes or other read-only purposes but while it's open as read-only it will not be updating itself with the log files from the primary database. When you take it out of read-only mode it will have to then get "re-synched" with the primary in order to see all the transactions that occurred on the primary while the standby was in read-only mode.

It sounds more like you want to do some kind of two-replication or something similar, but not standby database.

See the oracle docs on Standby Databases and Replication for more information.

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This was last published in May 2003

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