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Synchronizing branch databases with main database nightly

I am using Oracle 8i as database and D2K as front end for my accounting software. We are in the wholesale and distribution business. My objective is to install the software at my different godowns (branch database) and sales points (branch database) at different locations, each having their own location IDs. They will be connected offline to the main office (main database) via ISDN telephone lines. Masters will be created at the main office and will be sent to different loactions. Only transactions will be carried out at locations. At the end of day, each location will connect to main office via ISDN line and add new transactions or update any changes to main office database. Is this type of synchronization possible? Please give me details. Is it some sort of replication?

You can implement such a design using Oracle's Advanced Replication. It sounds like what you want to do is to make your centralized database the Master in your replicated system. All of the satellite databases will replication data to the Master. For more information, please refer to the Oracle docs, specifically the following manual:

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