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Sybase vs. Oracle vs. SQL Server 2000

We are trying to choose between Sybase and Oracle to run on Sun Solaris 2.8. Between these two RDBMSs, which one is the best overall?

Unfortunatley, I have to give you the consultant answer. "It depends"! "Best" must be defined in context of what you need out of your database, the costs vs your budget and the availability of affordable technicians in your area to support one or the other. Sybase and Oracle have their strengths and weaknesses across these "requirement dimensions". Here's a functional and technical summary of each. I also included SQL Server.

                                      Oracle9i | Sybase | SQL Server 2000 
Integrated OLAP functionality              Yes    Yes      Yes 
Integrated data mining functionality       Yes    No       Yes 
High-level scalability and performance     Yes    Yes      No 
Built-in data mining application           Yes    Yes      No 
Real application clusters for all apps     Yes    Yes      No 
Single-engine architecture                 Yes    Yes      No 
Sub-minute failover from system failures   Yes    No       No 
BI tools from the same vendor              Yes    Yes      No 
User-controlled error recovery             Yes    No       No 
Complete range of partitioning mechanisms  Yes    Limited  No 
For Oracle9i:
  • Oracle9i database required 48% fewer administrative steps than Sybase for equivalent tasks.
  • Oracle9i database required 56% less time than Sybase to perform equivalent tasks.
  • Runs well on Sun 2.8.
For Sybase:
  • Database Servers
  • Sybase understands one size doesn't fit all. Sybase offers three data stores to fit your needs. The one you want it look at is Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex:
    1.) Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
    2.) SQL Anywhere Studio
    3.) Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex is a high-performance relational database designed specifically from the ground up to meet the needs of business intelligence and a new generation of scalability requirements for Web-enabled data warehousing.
  • Sybase(r) Product Compatible Operating Systems
    Adaptive Server IQ 12.4.3 for 32-bit Sun Solaris
    Sun Solaris 2.6 (SPARC) for 32-bit systems
    Sun Solaris 2.7 (SPARC) for 32-bit systems
    Sun Solaris 2.8 (SPARC) for 32-bit systems
    Adaptive Server IQ 12.4.3 for 64-bit Sun Solaris
    Sun Solaris 2.7 (SPARC) for 64-bit systems
    Sun Solaris 2.8 (SPARC) for 64-bit systems
Hope this helps you formulate your definition of best and enables a decision for you.

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