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Switching to Oracle from Indian RDBMS

I'm an MCA with 10 years of experience in an Indian RDBMS. Now I'm planning to switch over to Oracle and complete my OCP certification.

Hi Michael,

I'm an MCA, having 10 years of experience in an Indian RDBMS. I'm leading the team which does in-house development for our group of companies. Our team does the application development, database administration, systems administration, networking and hardware also. My team has 10 members. Since I lead the team I'm familiar with all the areas I mentioned above. Now I'm planning to switch over to Oracle as either a DBA or project lead.

Since my experience is not in Oracle directly I'm not getting offers. So I have planned to take a DBA course in Oracle India Pvt Limited and complete my OCP certification and then try for offers. Since higher investment is required in my plan I wanted to confirm whether my idea is correct or not.

The RDBMS I'm working on is INTEGRA4, similar to Sybase. Please guide me in this regard.

This is actually a great lead-in to my next article about certifications, which should be published later this week.

The reality is that getting an OCP will not guarantee you a job as an Oracle DBA, but it will definitely help. While most Oracle shops will look for experience as their primary requirement for hiring DBAs, some will post entry-level positions that do not require experience. This is where the OCP will benefit you the most, showing a prospective employer that you are serious enough about your career choice to invest your own time and effort into it. But you may find yourself needing to take a step back (a pay cut) before taking those two steps forward.

I also advise that you do whatever you can to put what you learn from your study into practice. The best way to get that first experience is usually from within your current company. In other words, make sure you express an interest in and work with Oracle as much as possible in your current role, while you continue to work on the OCP. If nothing else, install Oracle at home and work with it there if you have to.

Good luck!

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