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Supporting domains and SQL92 or SQL3 compatible servers

Why don't some famous SQL servers such as mySQL support some handy tools like domains? Are there any real SQL92 or SQL3 compatible servers?

Good question. Not sure I'm the right person to answer it. Building an SQL server is not easy; otherwise, there would be more companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. One of MySQL's attractions is that it does so much and yet is still free.

As for SQL92 or SQL3 compatible servers, I think all of the more popular ones have most of the features. I couldn't vouch for how completely they meet the entire standard, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that they all meet the "core" requirements fully.

But I'm not much of a standards guy. I always have to look them up to be sure of the right syntax. And I always have to look up how each particular database vendor has implemented something, too. Was it CAST, or CONVERT? Can I do a UNION or not? Could I declare the foreign key in an ALTER statement later? And where's the CREATE DOMAIN statement?


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