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Stopping a scheduled job in Oracle 8i

How do I stop a scheduled job (export of our production database) without using OEM, which is fired using OEM from our test database? I have two production servers with prodction databases that run on a 24/7 basis. There is also one test server with the test database. I configured my test database with OEM (Oracle 8i), and then I scheduled jobs to take a daily backup of my production databases. It was working fine, but then my test database CRASHED.

I tried to recover my test database but failed; then I reinstalled Oracle 8i to my test database and recreated the database. I also reconfigured my OEM in the test database, and then I scheduled a different job to take a backup of my production database.

When I observed in my production database, I found that the earlier backup schedule is still running, and it takes a backup at a particular time. Now, at present I want to stop that earlier scheduled job, but I could not find where the earlier information was stored. I can see the current configured job schedules in my test database.

Now I want to know that when I schedule a job from my test database, where is this information is stored in my production database, and how do I stop particular jobs in the production database without using my test database OEM.

Any suggestions or guidance are always welcome.

To stop a scheduled job in Oracle 8i, use the DBMS_JOB.REMOVE procedure to remove the job from the run queue. The only parameter you'll need is the job ID. To find the job ID of your job, query the JOB column of DBA_JOBS. Once you know the job ID, you can remove the job in SQL*Plus as follows:


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