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Star joins

I have the following tables:

ApID	Name
1	Jones
2	Parker
3	Smith

Preferred Grade
ApID	Grade
1	7
2	12
3	7

Preferred Subject
ApID	Subject
1	math
2	English
3	math

ApID	DesiredPosition
1	Teacher-Grades 7-8
2	Teacher-Grades 7-8
3	Teacher-Grades 7-8

ApID	Type
1	Professional-Standard
2	Probationary
3	Professional-Standard
I want to List all Applicant Names that meet the following criterion:
License type of  ' Professional-Standard' 
Desired Position of ' Teacher-Grades 1-2' 
Preferred Subject of 'math' 
Preferred Grade of '7'
Correct result would be Jones and Smith, but I am unsuccessful in accomplishing this with joins. I do get the correct result with a Union, but I am using Microsoft Access and am required to use a Select rather than a Union to requery an applicant form.

This is a simple star schema with the Applicant table as the center of the configuration. Here's the SQL:

select Name 
  from Applicant a, 
       PreferredGrade pg, 
       PreferredSubject ps, 
       Position p, 
       License l
  where a.ApID = pg.ApID
    and a.ApID = ps.ApID
    and a.ApID = p.ApID
    and a.ApID = l.ApID
    and pg.Grade = 7
    and ps.Subject = 'math'
    and p.DesiredPosition = 'Teacher-Grades 7-8' 
    and l.Type = 'Professional-Standard'; 
And here are the results:

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