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Splitting duties between system and application DBAs

We are a very large Oracle site and have system DBAs and application DBAs. Our system DBAs are responsible for the installation of Oracle up to the creation of the instances. Does this seem like a reasonable split of duties? In this split do you see any problem with not allowing the application DBAs to have the Oracle password?

I've seen many different company configurations regarding the DBA manpower and their duties. The only people who can answer if this is a reasonable allocation of duties is the people in your company. What works for one company may not work for others.

Many companies have production and development DBAs. The development DBAs work with the application developers and get the product up and running. Then they turn it over to the production DBAs who monitor the production instance. This does seem to work for most companies.

Personally, I can't see how just creating an Oracle instance can keep a person busy for too long. How many instances can you create in a year's timeframe? But what works for you company needs to be decided by the individuals in the company, along with their management.

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