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Specifying and checking the rollback segment in PL/SQL

How can I find out which rollback segment a transaction is using? I want to specify a rollback segment when executing a PL/SQL statement and to check that it is using the specified rollback segment.

The following query will show you the information you want:

SELECT r.name rollback_seg_name,
       l.sid oracle_pid,
       p.spid system_pid,
       nvl(p.username,'NO TRANSACTION') username,
  FROM v$lock l, v$process p, v$rollname r
 WHERE l.sid = p.pid(+)
   AND trunc(l.id1(+)/65536) = r.usn
   AND l.type(+) = 'TX'
   AND l.lmode(+) = 6
 ORDER BY r.name ;
Use 'SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT rbx' to point the transaction to the desired rollback segment. Start the transaction and then run the script. You should see it show up in the rollback segment you specify.

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