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Sources for learning more about Oracle backup and recovery

I am beginner in Oracle backup and recovery. I have an Oracle 9.0.2 database with extra large data. Therefore I want to backup database. Please help me step by step or introduce a good web site that describes this step by step.

There are two sources that I always give to those learning Backup and Recovery (B&R), but first a little stumping. The B&R routines are the DBAs most important tasks. You can always reinstall your OS and your database software. But it can be difficult or even impossible to recover your data if you do not have solid B&R methods in place. Notice that I said "B&R". Backup by itself is nothing if you do not understand how to recover that data. The Oracle database can handle many different types of recovery scenarios, depending on your exact situation. Not all backup methods are created equal either. So the DBA needs to understand their recovery needs, implement a solid backup methodology to meet that need, and then understand all of their recovery options. Finally, test both your B&R methods.

The first source is the Oracle documentation. Start with the Oracle 9i Backup and Recovery Guide. You can install the documentation with the Oracle Universal Installer. Or, you can access the documentation on Technet (http://otn.oracle.com).

The second good source is a book from Oracle Press titled, "Oracle 9i Backup and Recovery Handbook" by Velpuri & Adkoli. This book will discuss in detail all of your B&R options. The best part about this book is the different recovery scenarios at the end of the book. These scenarios present step-by-step methods to recover the database depending on your specific situation.

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