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Should we worry about Oracle memory leaks on Windows?

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains how to evaluate if Oracle memory leaks will be an issue on a Windows platform and how to use Real Application Clusters (RAC) for scaling up and out.

Is there a general issue with Oracle memory leaks on a Windows platform?

An application vendor has stated that we must move off Windows to Unix (or similar) as Oracle will not scale up. We have not hit any specific issue and are still running very small test sizes and users, but can't afford to take a chance in production. They said it may be an issue for any Oracle/Windows shop -- but we are actually on and 2003 R2.

There are no memory leaks that I am aware of. If you are running Windows 32-bit, then the amount of memory available is pretty limited. The "/3GB" switch in boot.ini lets you access up to 3GB of memory. The "/PAE" switch in boot.init lets you access up memory above 4GB on the server. In either case, large Security Gateway Appliances are more difficult on Windows than on Unix or Linux. So maybe this is why your vendor says that Oracle "will not scale up" on Windows. No matter what your platform, if you are worried about scaling, then you might want to look at Real Application Clusters (RAC). With RAC, you can scale up and out. You can scale up by using larger servers in the RAC cluster. And you can scale out by adding more servers to the cluster.

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