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Shifting from IT Manager to Oracle DBA

A SearchOracle.com member, who already uses Oracle as an IT Manager asks, "Will OCP certification on 10g help me?"

I have been in the IT profession for the last 15 years. Out of that, 10 years was in an IT company and 5 years was in an in-house (healthcare provider). For the last 10 years, I have been working in Oracle database and PL/SQL development. Presently, my designation is IT Manager, but I do mostly Oracle Database Administration and programming in forms and reports. I'm willing to shift myself as a designated Oracle DBA. Will OCP certification on 10g help me? I do not have any IT degree like an MCA, BE, etc.
I can definitely relate to your situation, as a good part of my career was spent being a hands on DBA slash manager. Convincing somebody that you are good at managing people while simultaneously managing databases is not an easy task. My first suggestion would be to promote yourself as a Lead DBA instead of an IT manager. Secondly, if you truly want to convince somebody that you have the knowledge and ability to be a good DBA, the OCA certification will definitely help you.

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