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Setting up security for the listener

I would like to know about Oracle security: Can I set a policy for a listener on the server side, so that only users from specified IP address can connect to my database, and all other IP addresses will be denied? I went to some sites and found that some Oracle versions may be attacked by a hacker through the listener, so did Oracle provide a solution to this problem?

In order to restrict you database connections to a specific set of IP addresses, you'll need to modify your database's SQLNET.ORA file. This file is found in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin by default. The TCP.VALIDNODE_CHECKING parameter in this file determines if the system will check for valid nodes or not. The TCP.EXCLUDED_NODES parameter specifies which IP numbers will not be allowed access. The TCP.INCLUDED_NODES parameter specifies which IP numbers will be allowed access. You may find it easier to use the Net Assistant to configure this instead of manually modifying the file.

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