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Setting up memory window for each database instance in Oracle Apps 11.03

We are on a HP9000 N-class machine running 11.x in 64-bit mode. We are running Oracle Apps 11.03, and we have three database instances. Two of the instances are running on top of 32 bit Oracle 8.0.5, and one instance we have upgraded to 64-bit We have 5 gig of RAM on the machine. How do I set up a memory window for each instance, so I can take advantage of a 1.75 GB SGA for the two 32-bit and a 4 GB SGA for the 64-bit?
I wouldn't recommend allocating so much memory, you don't want to get into a situation where the SGA is swapped out. I would recommend using about 4 gig of the available and split it up as follows:

For the 2 8.0.5 databases, assume 1 gig each. Assume about 64,000 for the fixed size shared_pool_size = 150,000,000 (I think that is a good starting point for a database that doesn't use many stored procedures or triggers).

log_buffer =30,000,000
db_block_buffers= 100,000 (Based on a 8K block size)

For the 8.1.7 database, this will allocate around 2 gig:

Fixed size will use about 100,000 bytes
shared_pool_size = 150,000,000
log_buffer =30,000,000
db_block_buffers= 100,000 (Based on a 8K block size)

This should leave plenty of memory for any other UNIX processes, and prevent the SGA from swapping out.

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