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Session is disconnected after shutting down an instance

I'm having problems with Oracle 10g: after shutting down an instance; the session is disconnected and can't be connected again (the error I get is ORA-12505). The only way I have found to solve it is to reinitialize the Oracle service for that instance. How can this be solved?
It looks like dynamic registration with the Oracle Listener is not working properly. The first thing to check is that you have your configuration defined properly.

You should have your SERVICE_NAMES and INSTANCE_NAME initialization parameters defined.

After you start the instance, it may take a minute or two from PMON to register the instance with the Listener. By default, PMON will attempt to contact your Listener on the default port (1521). If you are using a non-default port, then you will have to let PMON know where your Listener is listening. To do that, add an entry in your parameter file similar to the following:


Then bounce the database. The value for the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter should be found in your TNSNAMES.ORA file and the entry should look like the following:

You may have to restart your database for all settings to take affect.

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