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Separating 8i, 9i listeners installed on same machine

I recently installed Oracle 9i on Sun 5.8 with the user account 'oracle9i', with its own ORACLE_HOME directory. This machine already has Oracle 8i on a different ORACLE_HOME directory with user account 'oracle8i'. Now when I login into 9i account and issue

$lsnrctl start
it starts all the databases on both 8i and 9i versions, and after some time (20 min), when I issue
$lsnrctl status
I get a message:
TNS-12541: TNS no listener.
TNS 12560 TNS protocol adapter error
TNS-00511: No listener.
So, I have to manually start the command again. My questions to you are:
  1. What could be causing the problem above?
  2. How do I seperate out the two listeners (8i/9i), in the sense of start/stop options?
  3. How do I start the two listeners seperately, and how do I start both together?

By default, the listener is named "listener". Your 8i install originally created a "listener" and when you installed 9i you also created a "listener". You can have multiple listeners or you can configure one listener to handle requests to multiple databases. There's several excellent notes on Metalink that should help, particularly Doc: 149628.1 which we've created a copy of and posted it to the following link: Creating multiple listeners on Unix

If you do have a Metalink account, I'd suggest that you login there and do a search for "multiple listeners". You'll find a great deal of additional information.

I think reviewing the info should take care of your problems.

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