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Separate database for each client in Oracle 10g

We need to create a data warehouse in Oracle 10g. Is there a way to create a separate database for each client?

We need to create a data warehouse in Oracle 10g. The idea is to create a separate database for each client. The source databases are Sybase databases residing on different database servers. In Sybase we have a concept of separate databases per database server. I need to adapt the same concept in Oracle 10g. Is there some way by which I can do this? The OS will be either Linux or Unix. If I create a single database with multiple tablespaces for each client, will that be efficient as far as performance, tuning and maintenance is concerned? What would you suggest? Thanks.
In Sybase or SQL Server, you have a concept of a "database." However, Oracle uses that term differently. Oracle's term which most correctly matches Sybase's "database" is the "schema." In Oracle, you'll create a schema by creating a user. That schema will hold all of the objects you would normally put into a Sybase database.

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