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Selecting specific DATETIME values

I have a database with a date/time stamp called dtstatusdatum. I would like to extract statistics from the database...

based on this column. What should the select clause look like. I tried:

select count(*)
from mytable
where dtstatusdatum like '2002-07-29%'

but get no results to the query:

(0) rows affected.

Thanks for mentioning "(0) rows affected" which tells me you're probably working with Microsoft SQL/Server. There are several ways to approach your query, but here's a simple one:

select count(*)
  from mytable
 where convert(dtstatusdatum,char(10),120)
     = '2002-07-29'

See the Microsoft documentation for CAST and CONVERT. Style 120 is the yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format, and converting to char(10) truncates the time off the end. Thus you can do a straight equality comparison rather than using LIKE.

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