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Selecting records that exist in two tables

I have 2 tables: A and B. A has duplicate records, and so does table B. I need to pick all the records that appear...

in table A that have matching records in table B. How do I do it?

Table A: 1,2,3,1 Table B: 2,1,3,3

Result Table C: 2,1,1,3

As is common with SQL, there are several ways to skin this cat. Perhaps the most simple would be to use an EXISTS clause with a correlated sub-query, like this:

select * from A
  where exists ( select * from B
                   where B.Value = A.Value)
select A.* 
  from A
       inner join
       ( select DISTINCT Value from B ) B1
       on A.Value = B1.Value

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Using an inner join would work too, if we were dealing with distinct rows from table B. This SQL will also give you the desired results, though use of DISTINCT will most likely result in a sort being performed by the DBMS, impacting performance. Here it is, just the same:

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