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Selecting fractions of a penny

How do I write a where clause that will return only values that have more than two digits to the right of the decimal point (ie. 27.543)? The data type is decimal, length 9, precision 13, scale 6. This is a typical situation when you want a dollar figure that is exactly two decimal place to the right of the decimal. I hope this is not too easy.

You said you want the amounts with more than two decimal digits, i.e. the ones with fractions of a penny. The tried-and-true technique involves truncating (rounding down), and then comparing to the original number. Most databases have specialized functions that could be used here, like FLOOR() or ROUND(). Here's a solution that uses just the standard SQL CAST function to do the truncation --

select DollarAmt
  from MoneyTable
 where CAST(DollarAmt*100 AS INTEGER) <> DollarAmt*100

If you want the amounts with exact pennies, use an equal condition.

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