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Selecting a process automation/workflow tool

Could you comment on key features of Oracle Workflow where it scores against AMDOCS clarify's process manager? We are selecting process automation/workflow tool in telecom environment for an American telecom company. Your help would be highly appreciated.
Without knowing a great deal more about what the organization is trying to achieve, any answer given to this question is going to be incomplete.

I suspect the question goes beyond which tool meets the specific needs of the telecom market.

There's a whole series of questions which need to be asked and answered: Do you presently use AMDOCs applications (i.e., are they part of a built-up legacy system)? Where do your legacy system(s) fit into the overall IT strategy of the business? It may be that the business is looking at an overall business process re-alignment.

In that case, the best fit answer for the long term may be different than the best fit answer for the short term.

Therefore, I suggest you create a set of requirements, and send them off to your Oracle and your AMDOC sales representative, and make them answer.

You will need to consider the overall positioning of the products you are evaluating. Oracle has a large market share, its workflow product is easily configured, managed and modified when using Oracle 91AS (Oracle Application Server). You also would have access to support over the long haul. Is the same true for the AMDOCS product?

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