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Selecting a BLOB column from a table

How can I select a BLOB column from a table using SELECT statement?
How you do this depends on your platform you are issuing the SELECT statement. Essentially, you issue a SELECT no different than any other select, similar to the following:

SELECT non_blob_column,blob_column FROM my_table;

The platform you issue this from, and what the BLOB column contains, are what make the difference. BLOBs are binary objects. SQL*Plus does not display binary objects, it only displays text. So the above query will not work in SQL*Plus. Is the BLOB column a Word document, a JPG picture, or a sound file? If I use a custom program to display graphic pictures, it won't play the sound file even if the above query succeeds. SQL*Plus can't display Word documents, JPG files, or sound files therefore the above query will not work in SQL*Plus. You'll have to use a platform that can handle the specific binary object that is stored in that table.

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