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Segmentation fault error after 10g installation

I have installed Oracle 10g 64-bit on Linux. When I try to create the database, I get the "Segmentation Fault" error. What do I do?

I have installed Oracle 10g 64-bit on Linux. But when I wanted to create the database, SQL*Plus would not start; it gave me the error "Segmentation Fault." All my Oracle profile environment settings are set correctly. Can you please help me out?
There is a known issue that affects Oracle 9.2 to 10.1 running on Linux x86 operating systems. After installation or application of a patch, invoking SQL*Plus may cause a "segmentation fault" error. Did the relink after installation complete successfully? You might want to review the make.log file to determine whether this is the case. One documented workaround is to perform the following:
As root …
cd /usr/bin
mv gcc gcc.script
mv g++ g++.script
ln -s gcc32 gcc
ln -s g++32 g++
Login as oracle software owner (make sure environment is correct) …
relink all 
This was last published in January 2007

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