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Schema analysis took much longer on new server

We recently migrated an Oracle 9i database to Oracle 10g. We analyzed the schema and it took 13 hours to complete. But my 9i database just took 4.5 hours. What went wrong?

We have recently migrated an Oracle 9i ( database from Sunfire 4800 to Oracle 10g ( on a new Sunfire e2900 server (two-node RAC), each with eight CPUs and 16GB RAM, which is double the previous configuration. We have analyzed the schema using execute dbms_utility.analyze_schema('ETMS','COMPUTE'); It took 13 hours to complete. But my 9i database just took 4.5 hours. Kindly suggest what went wrong.
In Oracle 10g, use the DBMS_STATS utility instead of the DBMS_UTILITY supplied package. This will help your cause greatly. And then look into letting Oracle automatically determine the sample size to compute statistics with (DBMS_STATS.AUTO_SAMPLE_SIZE). This document describes the DBMS_STATS package in more detail.
This was last published in January 2007

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