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Scaling up a database used for Lotus Notes

I am given the task of normalising a database used in a Lotus Notes application. The tables have been created already. Now the application is to be scaled up. How do I approach this situation? How do I load test for Oracle and SQL Server databases?

Depending on how the Notes database is modeled, it may not be possible to project it into a normalized model. If there is a lot of LotusScript that is wedded to the existing structure, it may not be practical to normalize the design, even if it is possible.

Without detailed knowledge of your Notes application, I can't give you "step by step" instructions, or even really tell you what traps to avoid. The simplest answer is to review the application in detail, including the structure of the Notes databases. Then step back, and determine if you can normalize this in your own mind (third normal form is more than adequate).

If you can do this, I'd simply create a new Oracle database without slavishly trying to recreate the existing Notes schema. This will force you to rewrite a bit of the Notes application, but it should be the quickest and most cost effective way to get a working application that is at least moderately scalable.

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