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SYSMAN account locking up

I have a sysman account that keeps locking up every minute or so. What do I do?

I have a sysman account that keeps locking up every minute or so. What can I do to fix this problem?
The most common reason this account keeps locking is that some software is attempting to connect as SYSMAN and has the wrong password. The profile assigned to SYSMAN (viewable in DBA_USERS and DBA_PROFILES) has been configured to lock the account after a certain number of invalid login attempts. Normally, the profile will automatically unlock the account after a certain period of time has passed, but if SYSMAN tries to reconnect again before that time has passed, the timer to unlock the account starts all over again. The most common software application that attempts to connect as SYSMAN is either Database Control or Grid Control, both of which let you access your database with Enterprise Manager. You will have to reset the SYSMAN password to something you know and then reconfigure Database Control or Grid Control with the correct password.

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