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SQL counts for separate related tables

I need statistics with count operation for more than two tables.

I need statistics with count operation for more than two tables:

SELECT T1.city, 
(select count(*) from T2 where T1.id=T2.id ) 
   as totbooks , 
(select count(*) from T3 where T1.id=T3.id 
      and descr like '%newspaper%' ) 
   as totnewspaper 
group by T1.description

This is similar to a recent question, Number of rows in two tables (24 May, 2007).

The difference here is that the counts have to be counts of related rows. You were quite right to use correlated subqueries to achieve the counts. However, your GROUP BY is both wrong (because it does not contain the non-aggregate city column that's in the SELECT clause) and unnecessary. Here's what your query should look like:

select T1.city
     , ( select count(*) 
           from T2 
          where id = T1.id ) as totbooks 
     , ( select count(*) 
           from T3 
          where id = T1.id 
            and descr like '%newspaper%' ) 
                             as totnewspaper 
  from T1

Notice that there is no GROUP BY. The subqueries effectively achieve the "grouping" and each returns a single value to the outer query.

This was last published in June 2007

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