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SQL*Plus not running on Windows XP Home edition

I am using a P4 1.7GHz machine. I am using Windows XP Home edition with all patches installed. I recently installed Oracle 9i. The installation went smoothly but after installing Oracle I am unable to run SQL*Plus from my computer. When I start it up, it just shows up the hour glass and nothing else happens. But all other services available with Oracle are running. Also the SQLPLUS.EXE in the BIN folder which is the non-GUI command prompt version of Oracle is running. Kindly help me out.
I'm sorry, but I can't be of much help. Oracle is not supported on XP Home. It is only supported on XP Professional (for Windows XP platforms). Many people complain of similar problems when trying to run Oracle on XP Home. They can install the software fine, but cannot connect or get the database to start. Try using Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000.

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