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Running into problems with Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 Professional

I'm installing Oracle 9i on Windows 2000 Professional. When I launch "setup" it doesn't start the install -- hourglass comes up then leaves. I've checked the files against a system that is working that I installed and the files match. What am I missing? The system was wiped clean and reformatted so it's fresh.
I'd try running the setup.exe from the command line instead of clicking on it in explorer. This is one of the main things I find frustrating about Windows systems and is why I'm typing in a terminal window on my Linux laptop right now! :) There were some issues with starting the 8i installer on Pentium 4 systems, but I think those were cleared up before the 9i installers were rolled out, so that shouldn't be causing this issue. There's a Metalink note discussing the P4 issue just incase you want to know the workarounds.

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