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Running forms to view tables on layout wizard

I am running Windows XP with Oracle9i Developer, I am not using Application Server and I am trying to run forms to connect to my database to see my tables on layout wizard. I started my oc4j, but when I try to run it, it looks like it's going to run and then I get an error: FORM-90928: POSITIONAL PARAMETER AFTER KEY ON COMMAND LINE."
1. Do any of the directories you are accessing have a space in them? (i.e., Oracle Forms or Oracle Apps?) Oracle doesn't like spaces in directory/folder names.

2. Are you trying to pass a parameter to the form? If you are, you may be passing the parameter(s) in the incorrect...

order. Make sure that there are no spaces after the = sign in your command line. Ex: f45run module_name username/password my_parameter=value If you are using multiple parameters, they should be separated by spaces not commas. Ex: f45run module_name username/password my_parameter1=value my_parameter2=value2

3. Check the connect string in the Run tab of the generator window. See if you have a space in the connect string. The generator will interpret the space as showing the next information as a parameter, and create this error.

This was last published in February 2004

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