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Row-level information from Audit Trail?

Can I get the row level information from a table in the database if I go to Audit Trail?

The Audit Trail that Oracle supplies is limited in the type of information that you can get from it. Basically, you can find out who modified a table, but it won't tell you the particulars. In other words, you may find that the user SYSTEM issued an update against the SCOTT.EMP table. But you won't find that SYSTEM updated to change all manager's salary to zero.

Before Oracle 9i, the DBA had to set up a trigger on the table in question to log this information into a completely different table. Alternatively, the DBA could mine the archived redo logs with Log Miner to capture the change information for each row of the table.

Oracle 9i introduced a capability called Fine Grained Auditing (FGA) which does allow this capability. Now, a DBA can set up row-level auditing on a particular table.


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