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Result of query more than one row

Is there a solution for the error, result of select more than one row?

The description of the problem is a little vague, but I'm going to guess the query has a scalar subquery that is actually returning more than one row --

select foo, bar
  from fubar
 where bar = ( select baz from qux )

In this example, the subquery must return exactly one value, or else the outer query fails. This cannot be checked by the database until execution time. Depending on what is required, there are a couple of ways to rewrite the query --

select foo, bar
  from fubar
 where bar = ( select min(baz) from qux )

Using an aggregate function like min() will always return only one value.

select foo, bar
  from fubar
 where bar IN ( select baz from qux )

Here the subquery is no longer a scalar or single value subquery, but the outer query will not fail if more than one value is returned.

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