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Restoring default database in 8i

I am fairly new to Oracle and just started on an Oracle development course. My problem is that I think I have changed the default installation of Oracle 8i that I had on my desktop computer. I was trying to connect to the Oracle management server, which I now know I should not have done because each time I try to connect to my SQL*Plus, I get the error message ORA-01033 initialization or shutdown in progress. How do I get it back to the default database that was set up after I installed 8i, or how can I set up a new database ? Thank you for your assistance.

Try going into Administrative Tools->Services and making sure that both your Listener service and the actual Database service are both set to automatic. Turn everything else for Oracle (like the Management Server) off (set to manual). Reboot and see what happens.

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This was last published in January 2003

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