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Restoring and exporting tables

I have created one user's schema, and this user created three tablespaces. When I created tables, I was assigning tablespaces a name. After that, I was creating some triggers and sequences on these tables. Now I have to archive (backup) through export utility, and also I have to remove physical files for this tablespace. After that I want to de-archive this tablespace. How can I de-archive or import tablespaces? Will the trigger or sequence generate again?


The export utility should be used only for a "logical" backup. This means that if you need to restore just one table, go ahead and get it from your export. The export is not a "physical" backup. It will not let you recover a physical file. For that, you will need either hot or cold OS backups.

That being said, if you do a full export (FULL=Y) or export the entire schema (OWNER=username) then it will export triggers and sequences too.

Can I make a suggestion? Take time to read the Oracle Backup and Recovery Guide and the Oracle Utilities Guide. These two documents will detail exactly what you can and can't do with export and import as well as give you a good idea on how to implement sound backup and recovery procedures.

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