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Restoring a database without the RCAT database

If you have a Unix server with a RCAT datbase and a production database and the entire server is destroyed, can you restore the production database on a new server with the hotbackup tape without the RCAT database? If you do need the RCAT database, can it be an import/export from any time since last hotbackup of production? I did an export/import of RCAT and got the error "primary key not found," and it didn't load RMAN's data.

If RMAN was used to create your backup, and you used a recovery catalog, then you will want to use that recovery catalog to restore your database. This is why Oracle strongly recommends placing the recovery catalog on a separate server. Your backup/recovery strategy needs to include backing up of the recovery catalog.

You should be able to just import the RCAT user from your dump file. But you need to have done a FULL database export or a USER export of that user. From that, you can safely import. I'd be interested in seeing the exact errors you are receiving on import. So please try the import again and get back to me.

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