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Restoring Oracle 7 from a cold backup

I am trying to get Oracle 7 up and running with a set of files that, to the best of my knowledge, represent a cold backup. I set up the service and have done everything "by the book," but I cannot see any of the data. I am so lost it's not even funny, and finding helpful info (especially at Oracle.com) is difficult at best.

Unfortunately, there is a large number of possibilities here that could be causing your problem. I need you to be more specific as to your particular problem in order to help you.

Basically, the restore process should be as follows:

  1. Restore the datafiles on a server.
  2. Use a control file dumped to trace to modify the filename locations to their new directory structure.
  3. Use the ORADIM utility to create the necessary services.
  4. Startup the database in NOMOUNT mode.
  5. Run the control file trace script to create the new control files.
  6. Apply recovery and open the database.

The http://www.oracle.com Web site does not contain enough information to help you. You can find all of the Oracle documentation, including the backup and recovery documentation on Technet.

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